Our maintenance program was created to ensure that the work we take such pride in can continue to look new and beautiful for many years to come. Orange County has an atmosphere of typically quite temperate weather, yet exterior paint jobs can still take a lot of damage from both the sun and the ocean. Near constant exposure to the sun and the corrosive effects of salty air in the area makes maintenance absolutely necessary in trying to keep a property looking its best. We use a number of different methods to maintain homes in this kind of atmosphere that can extend the life of the exterior paint job by as much as 7 to 12 years. In addition to keeping your home looking as fresh as the day it was first painted, our maintenance program will save you money that would otherwise be wasted on re-doing the entire project after just a few years.

And while interior paint jobs are not often exposed to the elements, they can still take a beating from their occupants. For this reason, we’ve made a flexible maintenance program that can be utilized for both exterior and interior paint jobs.

Our Care Free Routine Maintenance includes six different services to provide full and comprehensive care and protection for any paint job. They are as follows:

Pressure Washing: A high pressure water spraying service for clearing up and preventing mold, mildew, fungus, wasp nests, dirt build up, stains, and more.

Water Damage Inspection:  The most common cause of prolonged water damage is from sprinklers or hoses that are placed too close to the side of a home. This service includes repair for water damaged spots, and tips on preventing future damage to the paint.

Exposed Wood Inspection: Inspection of exposed wood on both interior and exterior paint jobs may include sanding down and touching up problem areas to prevent water damage, warping, and wood rot.

Trimming Vegetation:  This service cleans up intrusive plants and vines that could compromise the integrity of an exterior paint job.

 Touch-Up Painting: Done to cover any of the typical cracks, chips, and other damage that naturally occurs due to the atmosphere of Orange County.

Stucco Patchwork: We bring five extra gallons for stucco touch-ups on our own work, and use it to match, coat, and patch all the damage your home has suffered.