Drywall Work

Orange County Paint Pros, a local subdivision of California Paint Experts ( License #960066), constantly strives to provide the absolute highest quality craftsmanship in any and all home improvement services we offer. We proudly perform interior, exterior, and commercial painting as well as stuccowork, lead abatement, mold abatement, and drywall repair. We stand behind all of the work that we produce. We are proud to offer a full warranty on any and all services that we perform.

As tough as drywall is, it can only withstand so much abuse. The natural wear and tear of living in a home will inevitably result in the destruction of damaging of a piece of drywall. After the unfortunate incident has occurred, we will send on of our expert contractors to evaluate the damage and provide you with an estimate. Once the timeline and monetary cost of the job has been has agreed upon, then we will begin the process of restoring your damaged drywall.

The drywall restoration process is a fairly complicated one and should not be attempted by anything less than a professional. Orange County Paint Pros has various solutions for different types of drywall problems. For smaller-to-medium sized drywall holes we have a special drywall kit that comes pre-fabricated. We will use a putty knife and apply a pre-mixed drywall patching compound over the drywall kit. This will fix any damaged drywall area that is of medium to small size. A common mistake that some contractors make, during this step is to use a spackling compound instead of a drywall patching compound. Spackling shrinks when it dries and will completely ruin any work that has been produced. Depending on the texture of the wall being repaired, a mixture of plaster of Paris and water can be used as a solution. Usually, for problems this size we have a hard backing structure, like a plate or paint can lid, and tie a stick to the back using string. We insert this structure into the wall, behind the hole in the drywall. We then coat the hole with the drywall patching material, previously mentioned. If we’ve done our job right, this will repair the hole and make the damaged area appear brand new.

Going forward, we will let the drywall compound dry and then apply an additional layer of drywall compound. This secondary layer will insure that the structure is sound and will not decay over time. The final stage in production is to sand, primer and paint the damaged surface. Often, contractors do not properly carryout this step. At Orange County Paint Pros, however, we pride ourselves on having meticulous attention to detail.

Orange County Paint Pros strives to always maintain constant lines of communication with our clients. We find that when the contractors and the clients are discussing the project through its entirety that the quality increases. Orange County Paint Pros promises to deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship in every job produce. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible schedule.

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