Exterior Work

Orange County Paint Pros, the local paint and stucco division of California Paint Experts Inc ( License #960066), is proud to offer the highest levels of home improvement craftsmanship and customer service. To guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we offer a one-year warranty on all work that we produce. Orange County Paint Pros has a reputation that is synonymous with quality and meticulous attention to detail. Most homes that are located in Southern California require frequent repainting and resurfacing due to the extreme amount of sun damage. Most homes Orange County are repainting once every three to five years.

Orange County Paint Pros offers a complementary estimate service for all individuals who are looking to have the exterior of their home painted. Orange County Paint Pros will send a production consultant to meet with you and assess the possible difficulties of your jobsite. Once the Production Consultant has provided an estimate as to the duration and monetary cost of the job, production can begin.

The key to producing a top quality exterior paint job is the preparation stage. Many professional painters rush this stage in production, as it is not the most exciting. A well thought out and properly executed preparatory stage is key to a successful paint job. Orange County Paint Pros employs a detailed pre-production process. Before paint is applied to the exterior of your home Orange County Paint Pros will rigorously clean it. We will also repair any minor damages to the exterior of your home.

After all the preliminary production steps have been taken, our painting crews will meticulously apply primer to every surface that you have designated for painting.

Most people do not understand the supreme importance of the this stage in production. A properly applied primer coat can accentuate and improve the color of paint that you have selected. After the primer has been applied, our highly experienced painters will coat every designated surface with the color of paint that you have chosen. After the painting has concluded either our Jobsite Manager or our Crew Chief will inspect the jobsite to ensure that the production has produced the absolute highest levels of quality craftsmanship.

Orange County Paint Pros is proud to offer top quality painting and stucco services at the most affordable cost available. High quality services, from trained and experienced craftsman, are extremely rare commodities in today’s economy. Orange County Paint Pros, and its parent company California Paint Experts, are increasingly proud to present the only realistic option in home improvement and home repair.

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