Mold Abatement

Orange County Paint Pros, a local division of California Paint Experts (License# 960066), is proud to provide superior mold abatement services. Orange County Paint Pros provides cost effective alternatives to traditional mold control and removal solutions. We wholeheartedly stand behind out superior level of craftsmanship. So much so that we even offer a complete warranty on any work that we produce.

Molds are a very necessary part of our natural ecosystem. Molds serve to break down fallen leaves, dead trees, and dead organic matter. Molds spread in the form of tiny spores that grow in damp or moist areas. If mold spores begin to grow in your home it can prove to be troublesome. Mold have the potential to be the root cause of severe health problems. Mold can affect your family in numerous ways; they can produce allergens and, some cases produce extremely toxic substances.

EPA guidelines state that, if there has been water damage or mold growth that covers more than a ten foot radius than a professional mold removal contractor must be hired. Orange County Paint Pros has copious amounts of experience as well as the technical expertise to effectively fix any and all mold problems. Initially, Orange County Paint Pros will inspect you home, searching for possible plumbing leaks or other water issues that could contribute to the growth of mold. After any problem areas have been dealt with, we will inspect any absorbent or porous materials. These items, such as ceiling tiles and carpets, may have be thrown away due to the likelihood of mold procreation therein. Mold is notorious of filling the small crevices located inside porous materials.

From here the Orange County Paint Pros’ Mold Technicians will wash every surface and crevice where mold is discovered with special bleach and water mixture. Do not attempt to remove mold growing in your home yourself. Various types of mold are proven to be extremely hazardous to your health, as well as potentially lethal. Black Mold, in specific, is extremely dangerous and should only be removed by a professional. After our contractors complete the removal of the mold from your home, we require our crew chief to personally inspect each job site to guarantee that the quality of production has reached

its maximum potential. After this step, our crew chief will walk you through the jobsite, to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Orange County Paint Pros specializes in a myriad of home improvement services. We are licensed and experience in interior and exterior painting, stucco, lead-based paint removal and mold removal. We pride ourselves on maintaining constant lines of communication with our clients while delivering the absolute top quality craftsmanship. We offer full warranties on every job we produce as well as going over each step of the process with you before, during, and after production. We strive to treat every customer like they are our only customer.

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