Popcorn Removal

Orange County Paint Pros proudly adheres to a strict regiment of working methodologies that guarantee that our work will be delivered on time and on estimate. We are so confident in our abilities that we offer a full warranty on any jobs that we produce. One of the primary home improvement services that Orange County Paint Pros offers is removing popcorn ceiling.

Orange County Paint Pros will send one of our expert contractors to inspect your home and to give you an estimate as to the cost and the length of the job. Once all these details have been agreed upon, a team of our home improvement technicians will arrive at your home and begin the work.

The first step we take in preparing your ceilings to have the popcorn texture removed is to remove all of the furniture and items from the rooms you intend on renovating. This seems like a rather simple step but it’s extremely important. We will next seal off every room that is being renovated with two millimeter plastic sheeting. This will protect your walls and floors from being damaged during the popcorn ceiling texture process. We accomplish this by taping the plastic sheeting to the crown molding and then again at the floor. We will cover your floors with a drop cloth with a waterproof backing. Depending on how open the individual rooms are, we may install a window fan for the duration of our work, to ensure proper ventilation. If your home was constructed before 1979, we will inspect for asbestos by testing a small area.

The next step in the removal of your popcorn ceiling texture is to wet the entire ceiling. We will use a specially calibrated spraying device, which will lightly dampen your entire ceiling. This will soften the ceiling texture and enable its removal. Spraying the ceiling also helps break down any adhesive elements that the texture retains. We will coat your ceiling in five feet squares. We make several passes to ensure that the ceiling texture absorbs the most moisture.

The final step in removing the popcorn texture from your home’s ceiling is to meticulously scrape the ceiling with a putty knife. We extremely strict guidelines that we follow during this step in production. It is quite easy to damage a ceiling while scraping the popcorn ceiling texture off. We make a conscious effort to only employ highly trained and experience individuals. After we have finished scraping the popcorn ceiling texture off, our production manager will personally inspect the jobsite, to ensure that the production values reach our highest level of quality.

Orange County Paint Pros is a shinning example of the top quality craftsmanship delivered at the most affordable price possible. We pride ourselves on maintaining constant lines of open communication with our customers.

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