Cypress is a city located within the confines Orange County, California. It has a populationestimated at near fifty thousand individuals. Cypress was originally inhabitedby the Gabrieleno peoples, a subset of the Native American tribe Tongva. Cypress, along with much of California was owned by Spain until Mexico declaredits independence.

Cypress is located in northern Orange County. It is a citythat is known for attracting high profile individuals and celebrities. JohnStamos, Tiger Woods and Matthew Morrison all reside within Cypress’boarders. Cypress’ economy isheavily dependant on Vans and Mitsubishi Motors. Cypress was originallycolloquially referred to as Waterville due to the fact that artesian waterfallsare common in the area. It wasoriginally incorporated under the name Dairy City in 1956. During the fiftiesmany Californian cities were heavily centered around the dairy industry.Dairyland, formerly located in La Palma, and Dairy Valley, located in Cerritos,are two examples cities of cities that formerly relied on the dairy industry.Due to the rising value of land most of the dairy farmers who previously ownedland in Cypress eventually sold it and moved away. As the face of the citychanged it was eventually decided that a renaming would be prudent.

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