Fullerton is a city located within the borders of Orange County, California. It has a population estimated at one hundred and thirty five thousand individuals. Like many cities in Californian, Fullerton was erected as a response to a railroad being constructed.
Fullerton has historically been known as an agricultural epicenter, most notably its Valencia Oranges. It is also closely linked to petroleum extraction, transportation and manufacturing. Fullerton is also home to California State University. Fullerton is also home to the Ralph B Clark Regional Park where the remains of pre-historic beast such as mammoths and saber-tooth tigers are on display.

During the 1880s Fullerton had a booming economy. The Brea-Olinda Oil Field, located in Fullerton, fueled the first really oil boom, which peaked during the 1920s. The influx of money allowed Fullerton to erect now historic buildings like the Fox Fullerton Theatre and Plummer Auditorium and clock tower.

Following the booming economy of the 1880s, Fullerton experience a supreme economic downturn. The great depression forced Fullerton to move away from oil extraction and refinement and to shift towards food processing and manufacturing.

Fullerton was also the home to Leo Fender, the developer of the Fender Telecaster Guitar. Currently, Fullerton is the home of the Hughes Aircraft Company’s Ground Systems Group campus.

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