Commercial Painting Services

Due to the heavy use that most commercial properties regularly see, a unique approach to upkeep and detail is required as a part of regular maintenance. While it is unfortunate to see so many commercial properties in such states of disrepair, it provides us with an opportunity to help make Orange County even more beautiful than it already is. Our system for working on commercial properties saves everyone money in the long run, since we pass the savings from our bulk orders onto you, the client. This system is part of our streamlined commercial painting process, ensuring that we can provide you with the expected levels of quality and efficiency your property deserves while keeping prices low and affordable. This streamlined process not only allows us to provide a consistently impressive end-product, but also shortens completion time so you can get back to business in a timely manner. An efficient business cannot afford to be backed up by painters for any longer than it has used to, and we at Orange County Paint Pros do everything in our power to complete your project as quickly as possible.

We provide an entirely comprehensive commercial paint and stucco service to every corner of Orange County. This service can be provided with a warranty to ensure the quality and optimum lifespan of any work that we produce. We always seek to continue a professional relationship with our commercial property clients due to the continued maintenance these buildings often need over the span of their ownership. As part of this professional relationship, and especially to our commercial property clients, we have done everything we can to provide you with confidence in our company and its qualifications. We, at Orange County Paint Pros, are a fully licensed subdivision of California Paint Experts Inc. (License# 960066), and are fully bonded, insured, and accountable for worker’s compensation on every painting professional we send to a worksite. There are absolutely zero precautions we haven’t taken to insure you are free from all liability in the event of a worksite accident or other incident.

Considering painters without proper licensing, insurance, and other precautionary measures can be dangerous to your business, and is something we try to sway our clients away from. We provide these features so you can hold us to our word. We are always on time and on budget, and offer these quality services at rates that won’t break the bank. Call today to set up your free complimentary design consultation at 619-816-1944.

We offer these commercial property paint and stucco services for almost any building, including stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, office buildings, and warehouses. Additionally, we have a number of artists who can provide specialty services like lettering, stenciling, and most logo painting for whatever your commercial property may need. Our maintenance programs include specific details for commercial properties, ensuring that we can cater to the unique needs of your establishment.

As a large amount of these buildings have many owners within them, our process begins with a detailed report of every service we could provide, and a complete breakdown of their prices and project specifics. Once the proposal has been provided to the owner(s) of a property, it is valid for two weeks before a follow up appointment must be scheduled. If all seems well and fine, we hold a production consultation in which colors are chosen, and both details and specifications are revisited. From here, projects tend to vary based on the specific nature of the project to be completed. We offer a fairly expansive list of paint procedures, but feel free to call us at 619-816-1944 just to make sure. Once you’ve been connected, one of our representatives can walk you through the recommended process for the challenges and opportunities your specific job provides.

After years of experience in commercial property painting, we’ve discovered that there are a few very important steps we must take to service every need our clients may have. Most crucial among these is the need for open and near-constant lines of communication between our painters and clients. In addition to this, we also spare no expense to be flexible to our clients’ needs, provide jobs at only the most effective price, and deliver top quality production on all our projects. And we do all this in the shortest amount of time possible, because we understand how important it is to get your customers, residents, clients, or employees back on schedule.

Our warranty offer extends to work on commercial properties as well, and is designed to guarantee the lifespan and quality of work that we’ve built our reputation upon. Our warranty policy is usually discussed during the production consultation, and is provided upon entering a contractual agreement. While we cover our work during and for an extended period after the work has been completed, we do not cover normal wear and tear or the effects of negligence or vandalism. As these kinds of properties are often exceptionally high traffic, you may want to ask about what we can do to make your paint job stand up to such regular use.