Exterior Painting Services

Orange County Paint Pros, a subsidiary of California Paint Experts Inc (License #960066), offers competitive prices on exterior residential and commercial painting services. To ensure absolute customer satisfaction, we offer a one-year warranty on any painting projects that we are contracted for. Due to the extreme amount of sun exposure in Southern California, repainting and resurfacing the exterior of your home is necessary usually once every three to five years.

Once you have decided to have your home painted, Orange County Paint Pros will send a production consultant to meet with you. They will give you an estimate of how much the job will cost and how long it will take. After a price and deadline are mutually agreed upon, we will send one of our exterior painting crews to your home and they will begin to paint your home. First, they will pressure wash your house, to ensure that dust, dirt, and loose paint are removed. We will then primer and paint the desired surfaces. Our painters are detail oriented and they will be giving you constant updates as to the status of your job. We pride ourselves on keeping lines of communication constantly open. We value our client’s input and we want to ensure that owner satisfaction is our number one priority.

If your home is peeling, blistering, alligatoring, sagging, or wrinkling you need an exterior paint job. Most of these problems stem from moisture being trapped in between the wall surface and the paint. To fix this problem, it’s best to hire a professional.

Before we begin painting we employ a detailed preparation period. We want the exterior of your home to look the best it can. A meticulous preparation period is the best way to ensure a satisfactory finished product. We will begin by scraping all of the damaged paint off of the exterior of your home. We pride ourselves on the surgical precision that our painters can complete this task with. If the problem areas persist, we also have been known to use liquid paint removal form time to time. Next we will sand down the exterior of your home to give it a uniform texture. Following this step, we will dust the exterior of your home to remove any unwanted materials or remnants from previous paint preparation steps.

Immediately following this step, we use a putty knife to apply Spackle to any areas that are of inferior quality. We use the Spackle to establish a baseline for your exterior. We utilize the Spackle to create a uniform level to the wall. Next, blue tape will be placed around the edges of windows and doors to insure that no paint is applied to undesired areas. Light fixtures will next be removed from the exterior of your home. We then proceed to select the appropriate shade of primer and apply it to your house. After waiting for your primer to dry we will meticulously paint the exterior of your home.

Orange County Paint Pros is also lead paint certified. Presented the opportunity, we have the experience and the equipment to provide superior lead abatement services. We are legally certified to remove any potentially dangerous lead based paint from the exterior of your home. We are aware and have been train on how to remove lead paint from the exterior of homes. We employ a full array of hazmat suits, sanding guns, and quarantined work areas. Lead based paint is proven to be extremely hazardous to your health. We understand this and we want to get you living in your safely living in your home as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated staff that will work around the clock to get you back into your home. We are more than equipped to handle any potentially dangerous situation. We have been taken rigorous classes, have copious amounts of experience and been legally certified in lead paint abatement. Orange County Paint Pros understands how frightening living in a lead based home can be which is why we are always available to assist you.

Orange County Paint Pros is dedicated to producing quality work and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We are bonded, licensed, and insured and we strive for excellence on every level of every job. We are committed to running an honest and trustworthy business. We are intent on satisfying your every home improvement need. We are available seven days a week. We can be reached at (619) 816-1944.