Color Scheme

Our clients have found our color scheme suggestions, for the most part, exceptionally helpful in making design decisions. Often times, our clients have one particular color in mind, to which we can easily provide a pallet of complimentary colors. We take a few factors into consideration, and provide our color suggestions for aesthetically supported reasons. The first, and debatably most important, factor is location. While we are plenty capable of providing a color scheme that sets a house apart by clashing with the rest of the neighborhood, we strongly suggest something that complements the client’s neighbors. Secondly, we consider the features of a home that cannot be changed, and propose choices for matching them. The most prominent unchangeable feature is roofing, but there are many other permanent fixtures that can easily disrupt the harmony of a particular color scheme.

During design consultations, we additionally discuss a number of minor elements like number of colors, architectural limitations, and disappearing elements. It’s important to consider what can be done with a given number of colors, the physical limitations for painting on a certain structure, and the minor elements like gutters and downspouts that can be painted to essentially disappear into the full image of the house. Discussion of these elements is essential to providing a final production that our clients will be satisfied with for years to come.