Fence Painting

In order to prevent moisture penetration from getting inside the surface of a wood fence it is recommended to re-paint a wood fence every 3-5 years. Orange County Paint Pros offers an excellent exterior fence painting service by local contractors who are dedicated to delivering excellent production quality. Preparing the fence for painting takes a lot of time and because being exposed to the elements causes a lot of wear and tear on fences and particularly affects wood fences. Before a painter of Orange County Paint Pros paints a fence, they will strip down all the old paint with a pressure washer.  For wood fences we will strip down the damaged wood by sanding down and filling in any gaps with an epoxy. It is important that the paint job is done correctly in order to maximize the lifetime of the paint. For metal fences, we will apply a special primer that is designed to prevent rust from forming.  We will also sand away any existing rust that has formed before painting.

When planning the following year’s home improvement projects, one or more of your fences will likely appear on the list. If you already know that you will have no time to take care of the fence, contact the stucco and paint experts in Orange County, California Paint Experts, Inc. (license number 960066) at (619) 816-1944 to talk over the project with them. Fences add to the value of your home when they receive proper care. Painting the fence is one way to keep it from rotting away.

Our painters know the proper steps to take for preparation, and you can rest assured that we will take all the necessary preparation steps by prepping the fence to ensure it is ready to paint, and applying any primer or protectant before completing the job. Another thing to take into consideration before having your fence painted is the weather. The fence needs at least 48 hours to dry, so if rain is in the forecast, postpone the job. Our company keeps up to date with weather forecasting, and will make sure not to paint your fence during times where it is likely to rain.  However, living in Orange County does have its advantages and rain is not a major problem in this beautiful city. It is also important to note that you should not paint on a windy day. It blows the liquid you are applying off the fence and on to other things, and allows dirt to settle on the wet paint, spoiling your work.