Windowsills & Panes

If you’re looking to update your house’s appearance without a full-blown exterior painting project, just tackling your windowsills and panes may be the choice for you. With a new production, your windowsills and panes can easily be restored to their original appearance and integrity. This production consists of five steps that ensure lasting quality and an amazing finish.


1. The paint color is chosen, and the specifics of the project are decided upon. We take a number of things into consideration during this time, taking into account the opportunities and limitations of the windows to be worked on.

2. Preparation begins with sanding, scraping, and clearing the sills and panes of any excess dirt, dust, or debris. This part of the process is essential to making the following coats of paint stick for years to come.

3. Caulking is then applied after an inspection for cracks and mold has been completed. While it does tend to interrupt the process, this is the best time to check for and repair these problem areas, as they are most visible and accessible after being thoroughly sanded down.

4. We then apply the layer of primer that will keep your paint completely stuck to the intended surface. It also creates an added layer of protection for the wood below, and stops unsightly substances from getting in or out.

5. The fifth step is where the actual painting begins. We apply all the necessary blue paint’s tape before breaking out the brushes, and always apply two coats of paint for a full and lasting finish.