Interior Painting Services

Orange County Paint Pros, a local division of California Paint Experts Inc (License #960066), offers the highest quality interior painting services. We aim to provide excellent production values at the most affordable prices. We stand by all the work we create and offer a warranty on all the paint jobs we produce. Due to the natural wear and tear of a living space, the interior of your home should be repainted every seven to ten years.

After you have decided that you want the interior of your home painted, Orange County Paint Pros will send one of our professional production appraisers to survey the location. They will give you an estimate of what the cost will be and how long it will take. After both parties agree upon the details, the job can be started and completed in an expeditious manner.

One of the key elements of a quality interior paint job is a thorough preparation process. 60% of all time and energy that is put into an interior job goes into the preparation process. The only way to ensure a quality end product is to prepare correctly. Our expert interior painting crews will begin by washing down every surface that is assigned to be painted. We will even go as far as to remove any mold that is discovered. We have strict cleanliness guidelines that we adhere to. Next, we will inspect the wall for any pockmarks or dents, which we will fix by applying some lightweight joint compound. We want your paint job to look superb and this requires an extremely flat wall. We will then meticulously primer the surfaces that are assigned to be painted.

Orange County Paint Pros also offers a myriad of glazing techniques that we can perform of the interior of your home. Glazing refers to the practice of layering a thin, almost transparent layer of paint over a room to give it an added vibrancy. This practice can be used to completely transform the interior of your home, while still retaining the qualities that you previously enjoyed about your home. There are two main types of glaze that are commonly used when painting the interior of a home, Subtractive and additive. The additive application process refers to transferring the glaze to the surface with a rag, plastic wrap, brush, or sponge. Subtractive application is carried out by the removal of glaze with a cotton rag or dry brush. Each process produces a different result. Orange County Paint Pros employs numerous painting professionals who are skilled in both forms of glaze. On site painting consultants can give you insight into which process would be best for the interior of your home. Orange County Paint Pros can completely transform the interior of your home.

Orange County Paint Pros also offers interior lead abatement services. We are fully trained and have copious amounts of experience in the area of lead based paint removal. We are fully equipped to handle any lead based paint problem. We employ a full array of safety measures. We take extreme precautions to ensure that when we’re finished your home will be a safe environment. We understand how dangerous lead based paint is and we don’t want to take any chances. Our painting technicians are required to section off their working stations, as well as wearing protective garments. We take safety extremely seriously. Lead based homes are not a joke. Orange County Paint Pros has all the necessary training, experience, and equipment to solve all your lead base home problems in a flexible and timely manner.

Orange County Paint Pros is committed to manufacturing the highest quality work and exceeding our patron’s expectations. We work hard to deliver work of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on being a shining example of a successful small business. We are a trustworthy and honest business that aims to provide absolute top-notch painting interior painting services to the Orange County area. We pride ourselves on producing work quickly and efficiently. We treat every client like they are our only client. We are available seven days a week so don’t hesitate to call (619) 816-1944 for a free estimate.