Lead Abatement

Orange County Paint Pros, your local paint and stucco division of California Paint Experts (License# 960066), proudly offers the highest quality lead abatement services. We offer the highest level of craftsmanship and customer service of any paint and stucco company in California. We strive to provide the most flexible lead paint removal at the most affordable cost. We are so confident of our abilities that we offer a warranty on all the work that we produce.

When dealing with a lead based home there are strict EPA guidelines. All of our crewmembers and employees have been trained on dealing with lead based paint. Lead based homes are really only dangerous when the paint begins to flake and become airborne. This makes remodeling and home renovation quite difficult. If any of the lead based paint becomes airborne it is proven to become toxic when inhaled by humans.

After you have decided to have all the lead paint removed from your home, Orange County Paint Pros will send one of our experienced Paint Technicians to your home, which he will thoroughly inspect. After our technician has given you and estimate and a timeline is agreed upon, then we can begin removing the lead based paint from your home.

The EPA requires that all contractors must use lead-safe work practices and follow three simple steps: contain the work area, minimize dust, and clean the house thoroughly after the work has been completed. Orange County Paint Pros employs numerous contractors that have copious amounts experience with lead based paint removal. Our first step, when removing lead based paint from your home, is to contain our work area. We section off your home from the public. We then section off that area, to ensure maximum safety. All our contractors wear full bodysuits with oxygen masks to prevent them from breathing in any toxic paint chips. We also, as required by the law, provide you with a pamphlet detailing the dangers of living in a pre-1978 lead-based homes. Our contractors will meticulously comb over every inch of your home removing every last miniscule amount of lead-based paint from your home. Our contractors will moisten any defective paint with a water sprinkler. They will then use a scraping tool to remove the lead-based paint from the wall. It is extremely important that this is done while the paint is damp because the water will prevent the paint from becoming airborne. Our contractors will then tightly seal new wallboard, plasterboard, or paneling onto the previously lead-based surface. We will then seal the newly lead free surface. Finally, Orange County Paint Pros’ Paint Technicians will paint the new surface whatever color you desire.

Orange County Paint Pros is certified to legally remove any and all lead-based paint from the interior or exterior of your home. Lead based paint is extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to remove any lead-based paint from your home yourself. This can only serve to exacerbate the existing problem. Lead-based paint is extremely toxic. There are strict EPA guidelines requiring stringent safety and health precautions.

Orange County Paint Pros is pleased that we are able to present the absolute best craftsmanship at the most affordable cost to our customers. We are supremely proud of the fact that we charge the least but deliver the most. It is Orange County Paint Pros’ goal to have a name that is synonymous with quality and integrity. Our mission is to guarantee that all of our work not only meet our customer’s standards but exceed them. We are proud that we can assist you in any lead-based paint removal tasks that you might have.