All the services we provide at Orange County Paint Pros begin with a free estimate on your paint job, available by phone or through our online bid form. When you’ve chosen to meet with us for a design consultation, one of our on-site job managers will take you through all your options and discuss the specifics like paint types, stucco textures, paint colors, and prep-work. We’ve worked with customers from all walks of life, and are willing to work with you to find the service you need at a price you can afford. Our price estimates are valid for 2 months, and remain as such unless there are significant changes or additions to the project site in that time. We stick to the industry standard of 10% security deposit upon taking on a job, and do not require the remaining balance until we’ve completely finished your project. Additionally, when terms have been agreed upon, our painters work full time on a project to complete it quickly and on time. All this is done using our heavily practiced process of project completion, ensuring that we deliver consistently high-quality service to all our clients.