Stucco Contractors

There are stucco contractors in Orange County who can greatly improve the appearance of your home and raise its property value by properly re-stuccoing your home as well as repairing cracks on the stucco walls. Repairing cracks is simple if done at the right time and using the right materials and can prevent further corrosion in the future. Orange County Paint Pros (License #960066) has local stucco crews in Orange County that produce great residential and commercial stucco jobs. This company has insight about the local environment of Orange County and how to make paint and stucco jobs withstand the corrosive salty climate that comes from living near coastal regions.

Trustworthy stucco contractors in Orange County are not hard to find if you know where to look. Keeping your home well maintained is the best way to ensure that the value of your home increases with time and that is will sell for maximum market vale. Repairing any problems that might occur with the building’s construction will keep problems from escalating and getting out of hand. A great way to ensure that the walls outside your home are durable and that they last for many years is to apply two coats of stucco. Stucco is one of the most popular building materials on the market today, and is especially popular in California because the material is very resistant to the corrosive salty climate and intense sun that can undermine the integrity of the homes outer walls. Stucco is a material that not only looks great when applied to ones …

Walls that are covered with two layers of stucco can last for 15- 20 years with some minor upkeep. However, if you detect any cracks then you should immediately contact Orange County Paint Pros at (619) 816-1944 to have the wall repaired by a professional Orange County Paint Pros is licensed, bonded, insured, and has workers compensation for all its employees and local production divisions. It is essential to only work with companies that are properly licensed because you can be at risk of lawsuits if someone gets injured while working on your job, poor quality work, and criminal penalties by working with unlicensed workers. It is extremely difficult to sell a home if it is evident that the work was not properly done and done without a warranty. Orange County Paint Pros has a warranty for all the work it produces.

Stucco walls are a common feature of many homes in Orange County Paint Pros and throughout the rest of California. Finding a good stucco contractor in your local community is important because they can properly protect your home for the exterior weather and keep the integrity of the homes interior walls in tact. When selecting a stucco contractor it is important to see examples of work they have done in the past to verify that the can produce good work and know what they are doing. Also look up the companies name online and make sure that they are licensed to produce the work they are soliciting. But it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about how repairs are done. You might be able to take care of them yourself if the damage is minimal. The first task is to figure out the cause of the crack and how to prevent it from happening in the future. It might be due to prolonged exposure to water over many years, or you might have damage to your water pipes, chimney or gutters, which is causing water to leak into your walls. A good stucco repair contractor will be able to figure out the cause in no time.

An Orange County stucco repair professional might urge you to contact a foundation specialist to find out whether weakness in your house’s foundation is causing the problems. If this is the case you might have some more serious problems and you do not want to leave a cracked foundation unfixed because it will only get worse with time. Whatever the cause the repair process if done properly can restore the integrity of your homes foundation and walls. If the crack is one to eight inches wide then it can be covered up with a silicon acrylic caulk applied twice over a period of two days time. Leave 24 hours for the first application to set and dry before applying the second coat. If the crack is wider then a mixture of cement and stucco might be the best choice. The difficult part can be matching the color of the new stucco to that of the existing stucco. Orange County Paint Pros’ stucco contractors have a streamlined process of matching new and old stucco colors to be an exact match. An Orange County stucco repair professional would be the best judge of what is the right repair material because of their understanding of the material best suited to withstand the exterior environment while still matching the existing stucco color and texture. It is best not to do these repairs in the summer, because if the stucco dries too quickly, then its durability is compromised. However, a professional stucco contractor has the ability to keep the material malleable and can apply it during the hottest summer months and still keep its durability. Power-washing stucco is also a great way to make stucco last longer and keep your home looking brand new, but be careful not to spray too close or the stucco can peel off.