New Application

Setting a proper foundation for stucco on a bare exterior is easily the most essential step in the process and can set the precedent for all additional layers applied in the future of the home. Our painters begin by putting up a layer of lath, a material resembling chicken wire, and cover it with the rip screen. A coat of scratch is applied as a surface for the stucco to adhere to, as the material is great for making a tough bond with the stucco material when it dries.

At this point in the process, we prepare for the first application of stucco. We use two coats on every project, and wait the standard 24 hours for the first coat to dry before applying the second. The first coat is a typically blank color tone, as it is primarily for providing an even stronger foundation for the final layer. The second layer is sprayed on to finish the job, and is colored and textured to meet your design standards. Projects vary in length based on the size of the project and a number of other factors like stucco type, additional layers, and any unique challenges or obstacles that present themselves throughout the course of the project.