When considering a re-stucco on your home, it’s always a better idea to get it in sooner than later. Depending on the deterioration since the last stucco production, we may be able to simply patch in problem areas, but often have to scrape it all away to start from scratch. A complete re-stucco is your best bet when considering the effect of Orange County weather elements, but can often be just as effective as a patching job depending on the severity of the damage.

Our re-stucco production follows guidelines that are quite standard in our painting practices, beginning with a complete power washing of the problem area accompanied by a thorough scraping of any excess material. After letting this dry for a day, our painters apply a mud mixture, made by mixing cement with a little sand and glue, to smooth out the old stucco. This creates the foundation for the stucco material, which is then applied in 2 or more layers over the next couple days of production. This production, especially for larger houses, usually requires 3 or 4 painters working over several days. When your house needs a re-stucco, you don’t have to do it alone. Make sure you call in the pros… Orange County Paint Pros.