Orange County Paint Pros has a statewide reputation for delivering excellent painting and stuccowork on deadline and on estimate. We stand behind the quality of our work so steadfastly that we offer a full warranty. Our highly experience crewmembers will always ensure that your job is completed precisely to your specifications.

Due to the constant sunshine and the salty sea air, some Orange County homes can experience difficulty maintaining a stucco exterior. While stucco is extremely durable it is not impervious to damage, and is easily removed by a professional. Our stucco experts are on call to ensure that we will be able to immediately assist you in any stucco related problem. Some homeowners prefer to not deal with damaged stucco, and just remove it.

Orange County Paint Pros offers a complementary estimate service. One of our highly experienced home improvement technicians will come to your home and give you an estimate as to the length and cost of the job. After a cost and deadline are agreed upon, we will commence the process of removing the stucco from the exterior from your home.

The first step that we take, when removing the stucco from your home, is to scour the exterior of your home and pull any large damaged areas off. We pull as much stucco off of the surface of you home as possible. Next we place a masonry chisel at a 45-degree angle to the damaged stucco and gently peel it from the wall. We skillfully comb the exterior of your home removing the majority of the stucco from it. Next we take a wire brush and a metal scraper and jar loose the remaining stucco. From here we will smooth out the exterior and either leave it as is or install an exterior finish of your choosing.

Orange County Paint Pros proudly delivers the highest level of home improvement services. Our level of craftsmanship is unparallel. We pride ourselves on always keeping constant lines of communication open with our clients. We constantly strive to improve our business. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers needs and wants. We know how difficult home renovations can be and we aim to make the journey as smooth as possible.